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Hi ! Its great to see you around here !
Its always good to see new faces surfing around this part of the net :)
Well , first of all i'd like to say a few things about myself:
My name is danny and as you can wildly guess i live in israel.
I'm 23 and have Crohns disease for about 4 years.
I had part of my ileum and colon removed about a three years ago and since then i am
desperately trying to gain my lost weight.
Right now i'm a third year student for Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the main thing i can say
for now is that there is a lot one can do in terms of Diet and Emotional balance in order to reduce the
severity of the disease.
The most important thing to understand about Diet(At least cording to The Chinese Medicine) is that
each individual has his own physical and emotional structure and has to get a Diet which coresponds
to his state. This is why one diet can be very good to one but useless or even harmful to other.

Personally i find that sitting in a classroom is not my bowels favorite hobby,  i find toilets much more relaxing.... I mean except from the water sports, sitting in the toiled and reading a good book is really  a quality time !

Ho well .. enough with my silly jokes.. back to you then ..
I really hope that you will sign your name in my guest book and it will be even greater if you leave something to read in the message board.
In a case there is a book you would like to recommend about , email me and i will add it to the list,
you can also send me a review of a book you read and i'll post it.

I will be very glade to get any comments and suggestions about the site.
If you have any information that you think can be relevant to the site, email me.
Well that's about it, thanks for listening,  i hope it wasn't too long.

Take Care !!


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