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Here you can write questions,experiences and anything you like that relate to IBD.

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 Hello! I have been a Crohn's sufferer for over 15 years and I
 have just been put on the medicine IMURAN. Any feedback from past users on
 side effects please? Also, web address for more info on side effects.


 have had Crohn's for 7 year. only drugs been on have been 
 Sulfasalazine and Prednisine. Been on Prednisone for the last two week it suck.
 I do not have any information On Imuran


 Hi, I have been a crohn's patient for 26 years.  Great huh! 
 The one symptom I can't get rid of is looking like I'm about to deliver a baby when it acts up.
 I put myself on prednisone when it's bad.
 Any suggestions.  Feeling fat and ugly.  Anyone heard of or take asacol for



this is actualy for Benny. If your doc keeps you off 
Prednisone, and you feel OK - be happy. all of you - do 
try to say away from Prednisone if you can.
it is addictive, in a way, meaning you can become steroid
dependant and not be able to stay in remission 
without it (like myself).

I also "self medicate". my family doc gives me a 
perscription every month. when I want to change the dosage 
I just ask him to write more pills... (It's not a good 
thing to do. this is in no way an advice to anyone to do 
the same!!)

(UC almost 10 years)

hey benny, if you don't need steroids, don't take them.i've had crohns for 34yrs and from taking prednisone i now also have addisons disease which is failure of adrenal from the adrenal glands. i'm now steroid dependent for the rest of my life.without them dailey i could have cardiac arrest or go into a coma so thank your lucky stars kiddo.good luck,becky 
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 I have had Crohns now for 13 years. I have taken asacol when I was 
 first diagnosed. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help me. I eventually had a 
 resection. I was in remission for 11 years and now I am taking Salofalk which 
 is working. I also found Androsone to be a God can purchase it in 
 Canada at least at health food stores. It is a natural anti inflamatory that is 
 supposed to be as powerful as prednesone. Has anyone else used such a
 I have had Crohns for 25 years. Resected when first diagnosed. Have 
 taken sulfasalazine, Asacol to no effect. Was put on mercaptapurine but withdrew 
 beacuae it screwedup my blood counts. Have taken prednisonefor short term 
 therapy when Crohns became active, I find that in my case, the symptoms seem to 
 be cyclecal.Would like more information on Androsone such as on the label. 
 My name is Jaqui, I have had Crohn's disease for 3+ years now,
 I have had all the conventional medicines, but was worried about the side effects
 that long term medication causes. However, just over a year ago I discovered
 a Doctor in Dundee who prescribes a herbal tablet, (containing herbs, spices,etc), 
 this tablet is not addictive, has no side affects and for me controls my Crohns disease to
 the ultimate, give or take one or two bad days every so often, So What !

 I have read various others letters written to this Doctor
 by patients from all over the world on various visits with him
 who he has managed to help and I would just like to pass on
 this information to anyone who feels they would like to contact him with
 the view to trying his herbal tablets for me personally it is the best thing that I could
 possibly have found and with no side effects,etc I am very happy taking
 medication for the rest of my life.

The Doctor is a Mr. Chris Prodhan, 2 Greystone Terrace,
Dundee, Scotland.

 hi, I have only been recently diagnose with ulcerative colitis.
 Most of the treatment that I have been given seems not to be
 working effectively. What more can you tell me?
to give more info we need more details, like: what are you taking
and what you have tried, that didn't work, and at what dosage. and in
anycase, we can only suggest things. there are no doctors here, I think.
hullo i have had a bowel resection recently due to crohns
and i have very little information as the resection and the
discovery of the crohns were diagnosed at the same time.
after i left hospital i was not given any preventitive
medications is this usual practice or not
Very strange !
I had my resection about 6 month ago but my doctor told me to take my medications
(Rafassal 3g/day) the day i left the hospital.
I think you better ask you doctors about that coz there should be a preventitve treatment.
I am looking for people with Crohns for more than 20 years.
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This is for
I was first diagnosed in '75 after an emergency resection. I believe I have
been having symptoms many years before. After the resection I did not have
symptoms for 20 years and then I start having periodic bouts. I have taken
sul;fasalazine,asacol to no avail. I was on 6MP for a short time but was
taken off after my platelets dropped. When I now have intents symptoms I am
put on predisone for a short period (28 weeks). I am 72 years of age.
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I've had Crohns for 11years.  I've been hospitalized once for 
a blockage although no resection was performed. On the average I would
usually endure 2-3 bad days per month.
In the past 2 years I've only had only 3-4 bad days until today. I know
that I'll always have Crohns, but I was beginning to think that maybe it
was gone, Oh well back to reality.

Hi! I've had CD for 6 years now. I suffer from only  partial
bowel blockages.Usually getting me in March & OCT. but this year has been
bad. You sound like you may have it the way I do and I'd like to hear more.
Please post more of your problem
My husband has been diagnosed with Crohn's about 2 years ago
but I believe he has had it for at least 10 yrs. They had tried
quite a few medicines but the only thing he can tolerate is 
prednisone. I was wondering what medicines are good for the pain
when he has a flare up. 

I am 15 and was diagonsed with crohn's when I was 10.
When I was 1st diagonsed I was put on Prednoisone, which I hated!
I had another flare-up this year and have been in the hospital twice. 
I am now taking 6-mp and have a G-tube.  I would like to hear from people
around my age who have 
Crohn's Disease.
I am 20 and was diagnosed with crohn's when I as 19.
If you want to talk to me, reply to this message and give me your email
Hi I am 16 years old and i was diagnosed with CD when i was 14. I am
also now on 6mp...also Prednisone. Also reply to this message with your
email so I can contact you. 
Does anyone know a Maccabi gastroenterologist who is "open to" 
theories on Eastern/alternative/holistic medicine.

My husband was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis nearly two years ago,
and put on 3 mg per day of Raffasal.
  After a year and a half (around the time our second son was born), 
he had a bad attack, and his doctor put him on Prednoisone.

At the same time, a friend recommended a Chinese medicine 
practioner in Jerusalem, and through a very radical diet 
(of orange vegetables, boiled chicken, rice, white bread and 
sole)and a course of acupuncture, his condition has so far 
much improved (touch wood). 

Of course, when he told his doctor about the diet his reaction 
was, very nice, but don't go mad, and don't stop taking the pills......
In the past this self same doctor (who is very good, and the only one
to correctly diagnose the uc, had told him that diet had no effect 
whatever on uc, and only pills would help.

Please can anyone recommend someone who is maybe a little bit 
more open in his views? 


P.S  We live in Modiin, so anywhere in the central area would be fine.

my daughter has colitis for the last 7
years, she is 22, she is under a chinese diet that avoids any kind of
flour (no bread at all!) any sugar and any kind of milk. She eats things
you buy in nature shops etc. This was given to her by a doctor who lives
in Ramla and claims to cure people with colitis. She feels quite well
but she takes pentasa and in the last flare she had to take prednisone
enema. Before the diet she couldn't stop taking immuran for 6 (!) years.
For more info use my e-mail  -

Am Celtic descent American with Crohn’s since 1955. Just went on
medical disability leave from junior high school principal job and my
symptoms greatly diminished. Am able to cut prednisone and flagyl daily
doses to 15 mg and 500 mg, respectively. Get out from under stress, if you
possibly can. Going to try Remicaid next week.
Jon Curwen, 11/14/98

I have had Crohn's Disease for 36 years, I have been medicated with Prednisone,6-MP,
asacol,flagyl, and am presently using Pentasa.  I have seen the transition in the research 
of this disease.  I have had a sigmoid-colostomy,
caused from a ruptured abcess in the intestine and now I have also had the colostomy reversed. 
This can be a nasty disease, but a positive attitude also helps.
 I would be glad to talk to anyone who gets down in the dumps, or would likd
some more information about my experiences

I have had ulcerative colitis on and off for for 18 years. I have
had to major flare ups  and ended in the hospital twice, once for 15 days
and once for 10.  My colitis was on those occaisions became acute before
any treatment was done.  I had a Doctor that did not understand the
disease.  One those two occaisions I was fed as much as 40 mg. of
prednisone, 50 mg. of Imuran.  I was also using salofalk retention enemas
as night and salofalk suppositories during the day.  My u. c. goes into
remission for about 6 years at a time before it flares again. Unfortunately
it is just now starting to act up.  My new family doctor along with my
gastro. specialist allow me to keep a small quantity of the previously
mentioned drugs on hand in case it starts up again.  That way  it does not
get out of hand before treatment starts.  I am hoping that with some really
positive thinking about getting better and some excercise and laughter I
will be able to beat it into remission again.!
  Oh I forgot to say that I also
 used sulfa  salozine enteric coated but found it very hard on the gut.  So
asacol was substituted any where from two to 12 tabs a day when in
remission depending on how I feel. I have not had any side affects with
asacol or Imuran.  We all suffer from prednisone in one way or another.
Thanks for reading this and I say again that POSTIVE THINKING really helps
me.  Stress is my trigger.  Good luck to you all.  By the way there is a
new drug on the way according to the top doctor at Sunny Hill Hospital in Toronto Canada.
I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 20 and am soon to turn 23.  I've
been dealing with the disease but have recently pursued treatments to put the UC into
remission, ie prednisone.  It didn't work and now i am thinking about going on 6MP which is
fine as long as I don't have a bad reation to it.  Feel free to e-mail me a

anyone out there know why crohn's usally is found from a jewish background? i thought being jewish was of religion?????????? becky 
Hi everyone, this has been some interesting reading.  I have had Crohn's Disease for about 18 years.  I am one of those
persons that did not responed well to the drugs offered and have had three resections.  Before the thrid resection, we 
tried an ileostomy. (spelling?)  My CD seems to be on a cycle of every 5 years.  I started having serious problems
again last November 98. I was put on predizone and alsotreated for an ulcer on my stomach.  My Dr. also ran me 
through the new drug called Remicaid because I had fishersaround my bowels.  It seemed to work at first but after
the third treatment, things went south on me because my ulcer acted up again.  I've been able to be doctered through
this and am getting back on my feet and still able to avoid sugery.  Again, I am on predizone, pentesa, pepcid, iron
pill and flagel.  The pentsa is the worst of the drugs.
Side effect is diarrhea and boy do I have it.  Ulcer is healing nicely and weight is back due to the predizone.
I'm going to have another upper GI to see if the remecaidworked or not.
Here is my questions.  Does anyone else have anything more to shed on the use of Remecaid?  I heard of a new
drug called Relive?
Please respond here or to my e-mail;

Thanks for listening.

Hi everyone, I'm 21 year old male in the U.S.  I was diagnosed with Crohns just this December, on Christmas as a matter of fact. I have lived with medical difficulties all my life. 
When I was 15 I hade open heart surgery. I was believed to have had Cystic Fibrosis all my life but the chrons diagnosis changed that.  Well, the best way I feel to deal with something like this is to keep a positive attitude. 
I have been working out and taking martial arts for about two years now and it has helped me more than anything ever has.  For anyone who's dealing with just finding out or has had it for a long time, please take my advice.
I may not have had it long but I have had my host of problems. If anyone wants to talk my e-mail address is I've always been told in my experience in sports is that the best defense is a strong offense. 
Don't let Crohn's control you, learn how to control it and keep your head up.   Later
Hi room its great to read all the diff situations that we all
have to deal with.I have had crohns disease for about 5 years and i have
had nothing but problems.I have tried all the medications,the one that
helps me the most is Imodium i have to take 8 a day.I am also taking
Pentasa.As i can not take Prednasone my G.I has given me ENTROCORT it
works about the same as prednasone without the side effects anyone else
tried Entrocort ??? well must sign off for now i will write more later.I
can be emailed at     I should also let you know that
i live in Canada. Good Bye..
I've been a Crohn's sufferer for 11 yrs now, I've been on
metronidazole, prednisone, and am currently on immurane. A week and a
half ago I under went a bowel resection, they took two feet of my colon
and a small portion of my small intestine. I would like to hear
from anyone who's had this procedure done. I'm currently having problems
with gas pain and constipation. Would also like to know what your diet
consisted of after your  release from the hospital.
I was diagnosed two years ago with Crohns Disease and have been on various medicines etc.
I had been on prednisolone for such a long time doctors were concerned about side effects. They
stopped me taking them and put me on Azathioprine. Does anyone know much about these tablets?
If so please e-mail me at: 
I have had crohns for over 30 years, and since I elliminated cigarettes,a dn dairy
products from my diet, I am much better.

Hell0 to everyone.I don't have crohns but i am researching
this disease for someone else.I found a web site during my research that
some of you might be interested in.It is at
and a e-mail address at . It deals with the
effect of an enteric-coated fish oil preparation on relapses in crohns
disease as printed in the new england journal of medicine june 13/96
volume 334 number 24
hope this is of benifit.
This article is intended to relate our family's experience with Crohn's Disease and how we apparently achieved two
remissions with a simple technique, -adding yogurt to the diet. 

My daughter is 27 years old and was first diagosed when she
was 12.  It has been an ongoing battle and presently is taking
prednisone and 6 mp - recently been hospitalized with a fistula which
had to be drained - the doctors are now recommending remicaid - anyone
presently taking this medication and what have been your results?


I have been fortunate to be involved with a natural product Efahealth
which is giving exceptional results with putting into remission crohns
and ulcerative colotis.
Check out the website at www.efahealth com au
It will be a decision you wont regret Regards Greg


Hi lots of great info on your message board.I have had Crohns
now for 6 years, Have had 1 small bowel resection in 96. Currently not
on any medication but Tylenol #3 always works the absolute best for me.
The medication stops the cramping immediately and stops the diarrhea and
does block me up for a few days of relief. It also makes me hungry there
for I eat better. I was wondering if codeine tablets work as well, or
does anyone else have any info on a drug that works immediately.
[Getting a prescription is hard] please e-mail me at name is Catherine I have 4 children aswell and I
live in Vancouver B.C thanks.......


Hi,my name is Eddie.I have been suffering from Crohns disease for 19yrs.I have had surgery five
times(resections)and thanks to GOD,I haven`t had to have colostomy.Occasionally I find myself depressed often
isolating myself from my loved ones.I found out when I begin to feel like this I purposelly look at other people
who are worse off than I.I started doing this after visiting a kid who has lukemia he is four years old.My
greatest strength is my personal relationship with GOD,for without him I would have nowhere to go,I would be
of ALL men...most miserable.I will pray for you that you will have strength and courage in those times when you
wish you could shed your soul of the prison your body has built around it.I do ask you to pray for me.


My name is Peter and I'm 35. I've had ulcerative colitus for
five years. The most effective medication I have found is not only
Asacol tabs, but Rowasa Enemas. These medicines are topical and should
not invade other parts of the body. I feel better about that since I
will be taking this mdicine for the forseeable future. I hope research
continues in earnest to find the cause and cure. Let me leave you with
this wise reminder: I little illness make you healthier. That is, one
tends to reevaluate how one takes care of oneself in the face of a
cronic disease. Good luck all!

Hi, My name is Valerie and I have had Crohns for 18 years now.
I have been in the hospital five time and and the last was in 1988.
Luckily I haven't been hospitalized for 11 years now however, I am now
having big problems with my knees. They fill with fluid and I have to go
in and have them drained and shot with cordizone in order to walk.  They
say this is a complication from my Crohns.  Has anyone else had this

just had surgery 3 months ago to remove 6in of intestine due
to crohns.  was wondering if this could affect pregnancy if i am not
comepletely healed.
Messages: My boyfriend has had Crohn's for several years.  There is a
very good article in the new edition of Prevention Magazine on coconut
for treatment of Crohns.   We just saw it and plan to give it a try.  A
couple of maccarrons a day can't hurt.  Has anyone else ever tried
eating coconut daily?


I've had crohns for 5 years and recently went through a
pregnancy while in a serious bout.  Mostly I'm doing well and my son is great but I've got some lingering
psychological issues.  Would love to talk with someone in a similar position.

Messages: G'day, my name is Pauline, I have just spent 9 days in
hospital. I have had  every x-ray, ultra sound and blood test possible,
2 enemas, an endoscopy and an colonoscopy, and finally the doctors
agreed that I have Crohn's. I am taking 16 tablets a day, prednisone,
etc. I am new and inexperienced with this disease, so I'm trying to
learn as much as I can from the internet. I would like to cut down my
medication with the help of a specialist doctor. Any advice or info on
Crohn's would be great.

Hello, I have only been diagnosed with Crohn's for a few months now and am still recovering from the whole ileocolectomy ordeal. That was great. Anyway, i was wondering about smoking, i hear so many different things, and am wondering if quitting is actually the imperative some people say it is. If anybody knows anything, i would be eternally grateful. Also if anyone's interested in discussing what its like to be 20 and not ever escape the realm of digestion, feel free to write. Thanks! 
   p.s. my name is Shana

I was diagnosed with moderate Ulcerative Colitis in 1995, my symptoms are;  7 to 8 bowel movements per day, specially early in the
morning (at least 5 bowel movements in 2 –3  hours), “NO” abdominal pains, some days there is blood  ( I had
problems with internal hemorrhoids) I ‘m not sure if the blood comes from the hemorrhoids,  after the diagnose  I was treated with
Asacol 2 pills 3 times per day, after 2 weeks the symptoms were under control , but when I started to reduce the doses the symptoms came back, the Doctor increased the Asacol doses but the symptoms persisted, I tried Alternative treatments like fish oil, alo vera, flax oil,
acupuncture, but none of rhem worked, In November of ’98 my doctor put me on prednisone, my symptoms got better but were never under control,  every time I tried to get off the prednisone I got the symptoms back, I got a second opinion and my new doctor  put me on Purinethol, hydrocortisone, fiv asa, and!  increased the asacol, again it worked for a short period of time, now I am seeing a therapist, to help me to get control back of my bowel movements, at this time I do not know what else to do.......,  my last option is surgery.  any comments are welcome

Hi Everyone,
I have ulcerative colitis and was recently diagnosed in jan 99.  I have
been on Asacol since that time and it worked when I was initially
diagnosed, but now I am on my second flare-up and am finding it is not
working anymore.  I am trying to avoid prednisone because of all the
side effects and my doctor seems to think medication is the only way to go. 

Does anyone have any experience with holistic/homeopathic doctors or medicine? 

Does anyone have thoughts on how diet affects the disease?  My doctor
feels diet has nothing to do with it, but intuitevely I feel he is wrong. 


You people that suffer from crohn's and colitis please check out the internal
use of emu oil.  Emu oil is loaded with oleic acid and linoleic acids.  Much research
has been done that these as well as other essential fatty acids are beneficial to Ulcerative
Colitis and Crohn's Disease patients.  I'm not trying to HYPE emu oil but I really believe
that it would be worth checking out and/or trying.  These are two extremely serious diseases
and I know you suffer a lot.

Please e-mail me for any infomation and contacts I have that may help.

Messages: Hi, my name is Jody, diagnosed with Crohn's 12/98.  I recently
found out that my Crohn's has spread to my duodenum along with 8 new
ulcers.  Has anyone experienced Crohn's in the duodenum?
My doctor didn't change any of my meds after he told me about this. 
 I am concerned when my doctor doesn't seem to be.  Am I just overreacting or
do I trust my doctor?  The symptoms come and go but don't seem to be too
severe, I hate calling the doc every time I have a problem!  Any advice?


I, too, am wondering if you have to be Jewish to get this disease.
It's possible that I am part middle-eastern from about four generations back on one side of the family. Is this common?
I am a 17 year old Crohn's patient and mostly Irish!
Can anyone explain the genetic factor, if there is one? Please email me 
Thank You!!

hallo i am 24 and diagnosed with Crohn's 3 mounts ago.
i'm on cortison. i am a student learn computer since.
and i afraid from this desis.what can i do to think else.
i hope i will fill better.
  and to the men how ask you dont have to be jewish to have crohn.

Messages: I have ulcerative colitis and last summer I was diagnosed with
arthritis, as a result if the UC.  Has anyone else been diagnosed with
arthritis also? I have had UC for three years and Iam 27 years old.

I am 39. I was diagnosed with u.c 5years ago.  Was initially given predinsone and sulfasalizine.  Learned that I was allergic to
sulfa drugs after sulfasalizine caused my liver enzyme levels to skyrocket.  Am on asacol during flare-ups.
I have not heard of imuran
Messages: Hi, it's Jody.  I am wondering if anyone has experienced
Remicade?  I am going to get an infusion within a week or so and would
like to talk to someone who has had it.  Jody

I see you took remicaid.  i'm waiting to start treatment. i have crohns for 26 years now tried every med possible.  how did it work
for you. i've had 2 resections. 1 year later i'd be sick again.  at 46 i have osteoporosis. taking prednisone for 20 years

I have been suffering from Crohn's for the last 6 years. 
About a year ago i started taking IMURAN. Since then i felt a major improvment
in my condition i have put on about 8kg and i am feeling very good.
I have not experienced any side effects. The only thing that i am aware of is a lower blood count which have to be checked every month.
I went below the recommended level and had to stop taking the medicine for a week.
I restarted taking it after a week in smaller dosage and since then im fine.


I was diagnosed with moderate UC in 1995 and have suffered three bouts.
The most recent was in December 1999. Prior to this I had tried several sulfa drugs.
Both Asacol and Pentasa were ineffective in my case.
 After reading several articles on nicotine and colitis I decided to try smoking.  This was in December as my latest episode
started.  Within about a week and a half my symptoms began to decrease.
At this time (January 2000) things look rather good.  (FYI: I'm smoking about 5 cigarettes a day-- not having been a smoker previously).  There are obvious health risks to smoking, and one has to way those against other treatments.  The Crohns and Colitis Foundation has articles on nicotine and UC.  I suggest you contact them.  There are also several websites (including the Mayo Clinic) which discuss the relationship between smoking and UC.  Just search under "ulcerative colitis and nicotine." 
Messages: Thank you very much for this informative site. 
I have just been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  I wanted to become a rawfoodist at about 85 percent but
now this seems impossible.  Is there any other vegan out there who is in the same case and can help for diet
recommendations? thanks very much
and God bless,

I was diagnosed with UC in 1985.  It started out like yours did and slowly got worse.
 I ended up having an illial-anal pull through 6 years ago.  I am so glad I had the surgery.
 My life was horrible.  I really did not have a life.  Since the surgery (done all in one surgery never having to wear a bag) I now have a life.
 I still go to the bathroom about 5 -20 times a day, but I have control again.  I have heard about different diets that will help.
Try to find the diet on low cholesterol.  I have had a little success staying away from dairy.
 Good luck and stay in touch.

I have had UC for 14 years now.  I was in the militery when first diagnosed.  I slowly progressed into needing surgery.
 I found a great doctor in Albuquerque NM that did the illial-anal pull through in one surgery.
 No bag to wear and only one week in the hospital.  I actually have a life now.
 I have to take Lomotil everyday but it is better than the Prednisone I was on. 
The doctor's name is Dr. Ford out of VA Hospital and University of New Mexico hospital. 
I encourage those of you that have had UC for a while to take a long look at surgery and who can do it for you.
Find a doctor that you trust.  If nothing else is working, do not wait too long to have surgery. 
I have heard of people that this type of surgery was their last effort and ended up with a bag because their colon was too
far gone for this surgery. 
Good Luck to all,

Hi Im Jane 40 years old and have had uc for 11years now I am now on asacol which has'nt really worked.
I'm game to try anything that might work. I find lots of info on the net that helps.
We all need to try and keep as mellow as we can. Stress seems to be a big factor in my disorder.
Thanks everyone.
Hello fellow suffers of IBD.  I have had Ulcertive Colitis for almost 10 years now.  I have tried many of the conventional medicines.  I have found prednisone to work but only for a little while.  I make super efforts to stay off of it.  I highly recommend to anyone to look for natural methods of healing.  Ayurveda is a natural medicine from India.  It works with your diet and herbs.  The Dr. Deepak Chopra in USA is very famous for his giving of this knowledge of an ancient tradition of healing.  Please look him and Ayurveda up. 

I have also tried Accupuncture.  Here in Canada it is very expensive.  It does relieve me and if I were to have it everyday I probably could be healed.  If you can afford it, you may want to try that route.  I find Ayurveda is much less expensive.

Many tradtional herbs can alliviate IBD of all sorts.  Here are some good herbs that are natural and you can look them up at your library, internet and health store.

-Goldenseal, licorice root, milk thistle, Marshmellow root, fennel seeds (very good for gases), aloe vera gel, green tea, ginger, burdock root.  These are some of the herbs I have found helpful.  The important thing with natural remedies is to be patient and expect very subtle and gentle results.

I will recommend it a million times for anyone to really care for your diet.  That is one of the most important things.  For me an Ayurvedic diet and including beef, chicken and fish have been very promising.  It has helped me maintain myself much stronger and healthier. 
I have to eat meats or else I do not get sufficient Minerals and Vitamins.  I do not recommend the a vegetarian diet to anyone with IBD, UC, etc. However do your own experiments because what works for me may not for you. 
One last thing.  If you really want to finish with your sickness.  I believe strongly in the old saying of what goes around comes around.
 Try and help as many people who are sick. In turn it is likely your good deeds will return to you. 

Good luck Wolfgang

Message-55 !!
My daughter has suffered with crohns desease for just over 2 years.
She has tried many drugs but none really work,she is in pain everyday and now has started to be sick as well.
I know she would like to chat to other sufferers.
Could you please e mail me at if you dont mind chatting to her.
thanks hope to hear from you soon     Lin

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