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Inflamm Bowel Dis 1999 Nov;5(4):253-61
Deferiprone, an oral iron chelator, ameliorates experimental colitis and
gastric ulceration in rats.

    Ablin J, Shalev O, Okon E, Karmeli F, Rachmilewitz D
   Department of Medicine, Hadassah University Hospital, Mount Scopus,
   [Medline record in process]
   Iron is pivotal is producing tissue-damaging reactive oxygen metabolites.
   Our aim is to determine the antiinflammatory activity of
   deferiprone, an oral iron chelator, in experimental colitis and
   gastritis. Colitis was induced by intraceccal administration of 2 ml
   5% acetic acid or by intracolonic administration of 0.1 ml 3%
   iodoacetamide, with or without cotreatment with deferiprone.
   Gastritis was induced by intragastric administration of ethanol or hydrochloric
   acid (HCl) and by subcutaneous injection of indomethacin, with and
   without deferiprone. Rats were killed 24 hours after acetic acid and
   iodoacetamide, 30 minutes after ethanol, one hour after HCl, and
   three hours after indomethacin administration. The colon or stomach was
   isolated, macroscopic damage was measured, and mucosal samples were
   obtained for determination of eicosanoid generation, myeloperoxidase
   (MPO), and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activities. Deferiprone
   decreased iodoacetamide and acetic acid-induced macroscopic colonic
   damage by 67% and 69%, respectively, and macroscopic gastric damage by
   91%, 68%, and 46% induced by ethanol, HCl, and indomethacin,
   respectively. The effect of deferiprone was accompanied by significant
   decrease in colonic and gastric, MPO and NOS activities, and colonic
   prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) generation, in acetic acid, ethanol, and
   indomethacin models, whereas in the iodoacetamide and HCl models
   attenuation of the decrease in PGE2 generation was seen. Deferiprone
   is protective in experimental colitis and gastritis, probably due to
   decreased production of iron-dependent oxygen-free radicals.
   Oral iron chelators may constitute a novel approach to ameliorate
   gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders.
   PMID: 10579118, UI: 20046080